Hello, my name is Michael


"every child is an artist until he’s told he’s not an artist"


John Lennon



My art was my strength when my academics were not. I learned how to build up my confidence through art, and it led me to many opportunities to set myself apart from my peers.


While having multiple years of experience as a professional artist; it came to me one day while working in my studio with my children, that I was able to teach some advanced art techniques such as using a light source and perspective. My children were very young, and would've not known for their ages picked up my knowledge very fast and acuratley.  Maybe teaching art was supposed to be the next chapter for my life. Using the last bit of my veteran benefits, I applied and was accepted to the Art Design and Education program at Northern Illinois University in the Spring of 2014. Even though I have a learning disability, I have learned and created new techniques of learning to complete classes and work. I understand and love the idea that I will always be a student myself because I feel that I will be learning something new from my students.


I feel that with my experience with art, I have developed strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges. My creativity and ideas has always set me apart. I believe that applying creativity to any subject will result in a more effective and remarkable outcome. Having a learning disability has forced my creativity and determination to help me succeed. I understand that every child is different and that requires an understanding that some children need a different approach to learning. In order to teach any struggling child, a little creativity and thinking outside the box is what children need to succeed. I have more of a connection with any student who was born with a learning disability, and that is why I can be and will be a great teacher. 



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