Hello, my name is Michael


"Follow your heart and dreams, think big, and then bigger"





My art was my strength when my academics were not. I learned how to build up my confidence through art, and it led me to many opportunities to set myself apart from my peers.


While having multiple years of experience as a professional artist; it came to me one day while working in my studio with my children that I was able to easyly teach some advanced art techniques: light source and perspective to my children who were very young, and they picked it up very quickly and acuratley. This inspired me to look into becoming an art teacher.  I applied and was easly accepted to the Art Design and Education program at Northern Illinois University in the Spring of 2014. 


I feel that with my experience with art, I have developed strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges. My creativity and ideas has always set me apart. I believe that applying creativity to any subject will result in a more effective and remarkable outcome. Having a learning disability has forced my creativity and determination to help me succeed. I understand that every child is different and that requires an understanding that some children need a different approach to learning. I believe in order to teach any struggling child, a little empathy, passion, care, creativity and thinking outside the box will help children succeed. I have more of a connection with any student who was born with a learning disability, and that is why I will be a great teacher. 



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