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"I showed Mike a couple tattoos that I liked and with his own creativity and amazing gift God has given him he came up with this amazing design." 


Shelby Dixon




Rest In Peace Spider "Rick" Kramer

The Amazing Spider-Man 

Scott Darling, 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champion Spider, Scott Darling, Glo

Scott Darling 2015 Stanley Cup Champ

Can you believe it? I actually got the chance to tattoo Scott Darling just one day after he and the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2015 Stanley Cup. It was such an incredible experience!



Tattoo Fundraiser Be A Hero 2012

Be A Hero

In 2012, a sum of twelve thousand dollars was raised to provide aid to the victims affected by the Aurora Colorado shooting. The fund was raised through a charitable effort to alleviate the suffering of the victims and their families. This amount was collected as a result of the collective effort of numerous individuals who generously contributed to the cause. The fund was aimed at providing support to the affected individuals and their families during their time of crisis. The philanthropic gesture was a testament to the spirit of generosity and compassion that exists within the community, and it is hoped that such efforts will continue to be made in the future to provide solace to those in need.



Spider Tattooz Benefit 23 AUG 2020

Spider Tattoo Benefit

Event Ended
Come and show your support for a great cause and a great man! The Pink Heals Tri-Cities IL Chapter will be at Spider Tattooz in Sycamore on Sunday. All sales of Pink Heals merchandise will be donated back to Rick. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the newest member of the Pink Heals fleet, Marge, and you can even get a tattoo while you're there. We hope to see you on Sunday!




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